Siberian Kittens

I litter - Camada I




Jan, 15th 2010. Kittens are nine weeks old...and we rock!!

15 de Enero, 2010. Ya tenemos nueve semanas!!


SiestaDream´s Iron Ice






SiestaDream´s Iskra




Jan, 7th 2010. Kittens are eight weeks old...and we rock!!

7 de Enero, 2010. Ya tenemos ocho semanas!!


SiestaDream´s Iskra

Wild thing..

Here I look a lot like dad






SiestaDream´s Iron Ice


This time Iron is not feeling like having any photos!

but More photos next week :-)


Dec, 29th 2009. Kittens are seven weeks old!!

29 de Diciembre, 2009. Ya tenemos siete semanas!!





SiestaDream´s Iron Ice

Macho marron tabby spotted/ Brown spotted tabby male, SIB n 24



SiestaDream´s Iskra

Hembra marron tabby tigre/ Brown mackerel tabby female, SIB n 23



SiestaDream´s Iron Ice & SiestaDream´s Iskra



Come see our new photos next week!


Dec, 10-13th 2009. Kittens are one month old!!

10-13 de Diciembre, 2009. Ya tenemos un mes!!


And I am turning into a big spotted tiger!!!GRRR

OOOOOOOHHHH!! WHAT DID YOU SAY....................???? NOPE, noone can scare us!! Wanna bet??

What is that?? Is it a bird??

Is that a man??

Is it superman?? or Supercat??

Is it a flying pig???

Nope! It is a feather teaser! ha ha!

Nope, we were not scared!



I am also a brave girl!

Come and see more photos next weeks! See you!

Dec, 5th 2009. Kittens are 3 weeks and half!!

5 de Diciembre, 2009. Ya tenemos 3 semanas y media!!


We make such a cute couple!




The boy!



The girl!



Nov, 29th 2009. Kittens are 18 days!!

29 de Noviembre, 2009. Ya tenemos 18 dias!!

Mackerel tabby Girl



All this looks soooo pink!





Girl & Boy

Girl & Boy

Spotted tabby Boy





Glad mom is back cause I was feeling lonely!


More photos next week! :-)



Nov, 10th 2009. Kittens are born!! Some photos of the first days.

10 de Noviembre, 2009. Han nacido los gatitos!! Fotos de los primeros dias.





Girl & Boy



Girl & Boy


Boy & Girl


That´s all folks!!