Siberian Kittens

G litter - Camada G



April,5th 2008. Kittens are nine weeks!!

5 de Abril, 2008. Ya tenemos nueve semanas!!


ES*SiestaDream Gabbana



ES*SiestaDream Goliath


ES*SiestaDream Gangsta


ES*SiestaDream Godiva


March,21th 2008. Kittens are seven weeks and already start looking like gorgeous little tigers!!

21 de Marzo, 2008. Ya tenemos siete semanas y empezamos a parecer preciosos lincitos salvajes!!


ES*SiestaDream Gangsta






ES*SiestaDream Godiva






ES*SiestaDream Gabbana






ES*SiestaDream Goliath



Bye Bye!!

See you next week !!


March,15th 2008. Kittens are six weeks!!

15 de Marzo, 2008. Ya tenemos seis semanas!!


ES*SiestaDream Goliath




ES*SiestaDream Gabbana





ES*SiestaDream Gangsta



ES*SiestaDream Godiva





March, 7th 2008. Kittens are five weeks!!

7 de Marzo, 2008. Ya tenemos cinco semanas!!




SiestaDream´s Godiva

Hembra marron tabby tigre/ Brown mackerel tabby female, SIB n 23

Cannot help it.. I am sooo cute!


What about this pose for a photo?



Tantas fotos me dan sueño..zzZZzz


SiestaDream´s Gangsta

Macho marron tabby tigre/ Brown mackerel tabby male, SIB n 23

Are you going to be my friend??



Take care with the hole friends! gggggggggggggggCuidado con el agujero amigos!





SiestaDream´s Goliath

Macho marron tabby spotted/ Brown spotted tabby male, SIB n 24

Hmm I dont feel like making photos now!


Well, ok; just a few shots!



Solo otra foto mas y me voy a dormir!!



Cause I am Goliath the dangerous one! GRRR



SiestaDream´s Gabbana

Hembra marron tabby tigre/ Brown mackerel tabby female, SIB n 23

GRRR: I am sooooo big and scary as a lion! ha!


Look! I can touch the nose with my tongue!


Such a very "Dolce" Gabbana!!


You can see more photos of Gabbana at 5 weeks at:




Feb, 21th 2008. Kittens are three weeks!!

21 de Febrero, 2008. Ya tenemos tres semanas!!


the girls: ES*Siestadream Godiva & ES*Siestadream Gabbana




ES*Siestadream Gabbana


ES*Siestadream Goliath


the boys: ES*Siestadream Gangsta & ES*Siestadream Goliath


Goliath is posing very cute




ES*Siestadream Gangsta


Am I cute??


Bye for now!



Feb, 11st 2008. Kittens are eleven days!!

11 de Febrero, 2008. Ya tenemos once dias!!






Jan, 31th 2008. Kittens are born!! Some photos of the first days.

31 de Enero, 2008. Han nacido los gatitos!! Fotos de los primeros dias.


I am soooo hungry!




That´s all folks!!