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This is the FIRST MONTH PAGE .......Esta es la PAGINA DEL PRIMER MES


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Feb, 8th 2007. Kittens are four weeks!!

8 de Febrero, 2007. Ya tenemos cuatro semanas!!



We are all very wild and sweet little tigers!













We are moving too much to be well photographed!! Stop now and look to the camera! GRR

Vengaaaa!! Quedaros quietos ya para la foto!..demasiado tarde..grr








Bye for now! More photos when we are a month old!

Hasta la vista! Mas fotos cuando tengamos un mes!



Feb, 1st 2007. Kittens are three weeks!!

1 de Febrero, 2007. Ya tenemos tres semanas!!






Let´s have a siesta together..



"Mom, will you play with me now?"



"Look to the camera brother!"








Bye for now!

(More photos soon! / Mas fotos pronto!)

Hasta la vista!




Jan, 11th 2007. Kittens are born!!

11 de Enero, 2007. Han nacido los gatitos!!





That´s all folks!!