Siberian Kittens Gallery


26th May 2005. Agatha and Athenea.









May, 7th and 8th 2005. Our Siberian baby girls have been a their first Cat show in Madrid. Siestadream´s Anastacia was Best in Variety and NOM the Saturday, and Siestadream´s Agatha was Best in Variety and NOM the Sunday. You can find some photos taken at the show below.

(Photos taken by Joaquin Pueche, Tsavo cats )


This is Anastacia,





This is Agatha:




This is Athenea:





Attila was not at the show, but still here are some photos








April, 10th 2005. Kittens are nine weeks old. Already two months and a week old!



Anastacia, Attila and Athenea.


Agatha, Attila and Anastacia.




Agatha and Anastacia.



Anastacia, Attila and Athenea.



Attila likes to be photographed


That´s all folks!!