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Feb, 6th 2005. Kittens are born!!



Feb, 13th 2005. The kittens are already one week old.


"Hey, mom, seems I never have enough of milk.."







Feb, 25th 2005. The kittens are 19 days old and start exploring the world.




"Follow me, I know the way!"



Well yes...seems they still have a lot to learn.



Feb, 27th 2005. The kittens are 3 weeks old.


The most quiet girl would like to have a name already, so what?


The four kittens already see and walk fairly ok.



We already had enough of posing! So now let´s play some games!!



March, 6th 2005. The kittens are 4 weeks old.


Another photo? Wait, do I look pretty?


The big boy likes to take good care of his sisters.





Girls power!



Hey! We are no longer babies to be in a nest anymore!



We have to wait till nobody is here to scape from this nest and have a nice walk...



Mom starts having a lot of stress to take care of us all!!



Bye for now!

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