Siberian Kittens

M litter - Camada M


June, 19th 2012. I am trying to play but they are always too tired...

19 de Junio, 2012. Nadie mas tiene ganas de jugar..?

Some photos of my Dad Merlin as kitten..

And some photos as adult..

June, 13th 2012. I am already 7 weeks!!

13 de Junio, 2012. Ya tengo 7 semanas!!


May, 30th 2012. I am already 5 weeks!!

30 de Mayo, 2012. Ya tengo 5 semanas!!

May, 21th 2012. In a few days I am already 4 weeks!!

21 de Mayo, 2012. En unos dias ya tengo 4 semanas!!

CH ES*Siestadream Athenea


May, 13th 2012. In a few days I am already 3 weeks!!

13 de Mayo, 2012. En unos dias ya tengo 3 semanas!!

May, 7th 2012. Mordor is almost two weeks old!

7 de Mayo, 2012. Mordor tiene casi dos semanas!!

SiestaDream´s Mordor

May, 3rd 2012. Kitten is a week old!

3 de Mayo, 2012. El gatito tiene una semana!



SiestaDream´s Mordor

Macho marron tabby mackerel / Brown mackerel tabby male, SIB n 23

My name is Mordor: I start ruling the milk bar..and then the Middle Earth!

Abril, 24th 2012. Litter was is only one kitten :-)

24 de Abril, 2012. La Camada acaba de solo un gatito!!

My Mom CH ES*Siestadream Athenea is totally in love with me..

That´s all folks!!