The Kitty Traffic Guide: How to move safely!

Your kittens crash and run and hit and jump and fall?? Your Siberian mom is stressed with her little crazy kitty drivers?? Then this is the guide for you!


Hello Siberian Kittens everywhere!

My name is Gabbana and I am going to teach you how to move safely during the first months in five easy and fast steps!


1) Step One: turn right!


If you are going to turn right you have to put your tongue to the right like I am doing in the photo! Then move!



2) Step Two: turn left!



If you are going to turn left you have to put your tongue to the left like I am doing in the photo!

Then move!



3) Step Three: go straight!



If you are going straight you have to touch your nose with your tongue like I am doing in the photo! Then move!



4) Step Four: warning other drivers!


Sometimes there is a huge awful kitty traffic and you could bump into crazy littermates that do not care to meet this guide safety tips! In these cases a good hiss, growl or shout is the best solution, together with one scary intimidating face like the ones in the photos:


GRRRRRRrr you are such a cr@@zksdfkj@ kitty driver!



AAARRGGGGGGGrr Where did you get your licence, on eBay? grr



If you rather less intimating words and faces:


Hmm, I´ll tell mom, huh!


5) Step Five: dont get caught speeding!

If you are planning some wild exciting fast speed driving, an excursion to a risky high new place or discovering new hidding places WAIT TILL MOM IS SLEEPING! (and dont make much noise!)




6) Step six: no alcohol or drugs if you are going to drive!

If you are planning a wild party, later you would not feel like driving so consider a long siesta before making any movement!




7) Step seven: have a happy kitty driving!


Take it easy and smile to make mom happy, relaxed.. and unsuspicious :-)


Bye bye!