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22th May, 2010. Today we have two months and also our names!

22 de Mayo, 2010. Hoy tenemos dos meses y tambien nuestros nombres!





SiestaDream´s Jade Jeisha

Hembra seal point / Seal point female, SBI n





SiestaDream´s Jentle Jungle

Hembra blue tabby point / Blue tabby point female, SBI a 21




April & May, 2010. The J girls five and six weeks photos

Abril & Mayo, 2010. Las fotos de las cinco y seis semanas


Blue tabby point girl


Seal point girl







Guess what?? Next week we will have our names!


April 14th, 2010. The J girls are three weeks old and start walking around...

14 de Abril, 2010. Las gatitas J tienen tres semanas y empiezan a explorar...

I am a gorgeous Seal Point girl!



And I am a gorgeous Blue Tabby Point girl!





Ain´t nothing gonna break my stride!

Nobody´s gonna slow me down!!

I´ve got to keep on moving!!

Thank you for visiting and see you soon!!

Gracias por la visita y hasta la vista!!



April 5th, 2010. The J girls are today two weeks old and start looking around...

5 de Abril, 2010. Las gatitas J tienen hoy dos semanas y empiezan a explorar...


Hello Sister!!

Hasta la vista! La semana que viene mas fotos..


March 28th, 2010. The kittens are almost a week old

28 de Marzo, 2010. Las gatitas casi tienen una semana





March 22th, 2010. Two Birman kitten girls were born!

22 de Marzo, 2010. Han nacido los gatitos!



You can also see some photos of our mom Fabiola:

Nuestra mama Fabiola:

That´s all folks!!







Brand new Me!!